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In order to instantiate a class template , every template argument must be known, but not every template argument has to be specified. In the following contexts the compiler will deduce the missing template arguments from the type of the initializer:.

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When a function-style cast or declaration of a variable uses the name of a primary class template C without an argument list as the type specifier, deduction will proceed as follows:. Template argument deduction and overload resolution is then performed for initialization of a fictional object of hypothetical class type, whose constructor signatures match the guides except for return type for the purpose of forming an overload set, and the initializer is provided by the context in which class template argument deduction was performed, except that the first phase of list-initialization considering initializer-list constructors is omitted if the initializer list consists of a single expression of type possibly cv-qualified U , where U is a specialization of C or a class derived from a specialization of C.

These fictional constructors are public members of the hypothetical class type. They are explicit if the guide was formed from an explicit constructor.


If overload resolution fails, the program is ill-formed. Otherwise, the return type of the selected F template specialization becomes the deduced class template specialization. Or, for a more complex example note: "S::N" would not compile: scope resolution qualifiers are not something that can be deduced :. The syntax of a user-defined deduction guide is the syntax of a function declaration with a trailing return type, except that it uses the name of a class template as the function name:.

User-defined deduction guides must name a class template and must be introduced within the same semantic scope of the class template which could be namespace or enclosing class and, for a member class template, must have the same access, but deduction guides do not become members of that scope. A deduction guide is not a function and does not have a body. Deduction guides are not found by name lookup and do not participate in overload resolution except for the overload resolution against other deduction guides when deducing class template arguments.

Deduction guides cannot be redeclared in the same translation unit for the same class template. The fictional constructors for the purpose of overload resolution described above are explicit if they correspond to an implicitly-generated deduction guide formed from an explicit constructor or to a user-defined deduction guide that uses the keyword explicit.

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As always, such constructors are ignored in copy-initialization context:. Class template argument deduction is only performed if no template argument list is present. If a template argument list is specified, deduction does not take place.

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  • Within the scope of a class template, the name of the template without a parameter list is an injected class name, and can be used as a type. In that case, class argument deduction does not happen and template parameters must be supplied explicitly:.

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    In overload resolution , partial ordering takes precedence over whether a function template is generated from a guide: if the function template generated from the constructor is more specialized than the one generated from the deduction guide, the one generated from the constructor is chosen. Because the copy deduction candidate is typically more specialized than a wrapping constructor, this rule means that copying is generally preferred over wrapping.

    When earlier tiebreakers, including partial ordering, failed to distinguish between two candidate function templates, the following rules apply:. An rvalue reference to a cv-unqualified template parameter is not a forwarding reference if that parameter is a class template parameter:.

    When initializing from a single argument of a type that is a specialization of the class template at issue, copying deduction is generally preferred over wrapping by default:. Outside the special case for copying vs.

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    Before class template argument deduction was introduced, a common approach to avoiding explicitly specifying arguments is to use a function template:. Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit History. From cppreference.

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    Freestanding and hosted implementations. Language support library. Technical Specifications. Contents 1 Implicitly-generated deduction guides 2 User-defined deduction guides 3 Notes 4 Defect reports.